Little Introductory Q and A. I would call them “Frequently Asked Questions,”


Herewith, a little introductory Q and A. I would call them “frequently asked questions,” but, truthfully, no one has asked them that I know of. So, I will call them “frequently anticipated questions,” since I suppose they might be asked by someone in the future.

Q. What’s with the name of the blog?

A. “Flank two position” is a reference to an early season 5 episode of 24, wherein the intrepid Jack Bauer kept telling his buddies at CTU (the “Counter-Terrorist Unit”), over and over again, that he was in a “flank two position,” meaning that he was transmitting to them under duress (at gunpoint in this case; isn’t that always the way?).

Unfortunately, no one at CTU picked up on the reference, and it took ahobbit to finally figure it out at the very last minute before all hell broke loose. So of course it made perfect sense to use “flank two position” for my blog.

Q. OK, but what does it have to do with your blog?

A. Nothing really. I just thought it sounded good.

Q. I wanted to use “” for a site of my own, and it would have been a lot cooler than yours, possibly including generous helpings of free pornography.

Now you have it, and you’re wasting it on things like observations about weather, your three-year old and other random junk no one but you cares about. That’s just not fair.

A. Sorry dude.

Q. Why did you leave Pith in the Wind? Also, do you write for the Nashville Sceneanymore?

A. Basically, I just got tired of writing about politics all of the time and I had sort of pigeonholed myself as a “political blogger” on PITW. I wanted to write about other things but doing so seemed out of place. As for the Scene generally, I haven’t written in a while and may not again.

It all depends on if I have something to say. They are great people though and I very much appreciate the opportunity they (especially the great Liz G.) gave me.

Q. Do you have any idea what you’re doing with this site?

A. Sort of. I’ve been spoiled by the Scene folks. There, I just logged in and posted. Here I have to run everything on my own and I’m just sort of making it up as I go along.

For instance, you’ll note that I don’t have a “blogroll,” for the simple reason that I don’t know how to make one. I do want to publicly thank Bill Hobbs, who took pity on me and took time out of his busy schedule to show me how to start this thing up. I also want to thank Blake Wylie for giving me a swift kick in the pants to get the domain name before someone else did.

Q. What are some of your favorite blogs?

A. Too numerous to mention (and, see the “blogroll” discussion above). Follow my posts and you’ll pick it up.

Q. What do you do for a living?

A. Lawyer by trade, presently practicing in the always exciting and dynamic field of employee benefits. OK, I’m reaching here with the “exciting” and “dynamic.” But it is a “field,” that much is certain.

Q. What are your politics?

A. For a very long time I considered myself to be a political conservative and still do. Others lately have begged to differ, however, considering me to be one of those naughty “moderates” we’re always hearing about.

I suspect that this is because I put a lesser value on some of the conservative hot button issues of the present, such as homosexual equality, Terri Schiavo and other usually religiously tinged issues while placing a higher value on other issues like limiting the size of government and a competent foreign policy, issues that lately don’t seem to be very interesting to the conservatives in power and the grassroots conservatives who support them. I predict that will change soon enough, but until then here I am, “moderating” away.

Q. What’s your religious affiliation?

A. United Methodist. I attend church here. Dr. Howard Olds is the Senior Pastor and his sermons are the first sermons ever in my life that I have actually looked forward to sitting down and listening to. The man is good.

Q. Who is the hottest Desperate Housewife?

A. OK, this is random, I realize. But I ran across a dippy little internet poll asking this question, and just for grins I played along with my personal choice: Bree Van De Camp. So I click through to read the results and discover that Bree is barely making a showing. Everyone’s all about Susan, Edie and Gabrielle. Even Felicity Whassername, the one who’s married to that guy from Fargo, was doing pretty well, better than Bree anyway.

And here I am voting for Bree, one of, apparently, only four or five men in America, two of whom, namely her husband and that pharmacist fellow, happen to be dead.

Now, maybe that was just a strange poll, but it occurred to me that my apparently off-the-wall choice may reveal a lot about me, though just what I don’t know. So I thought I’d share it.

Maybe someone out there will have some kind of insight into my psyche. If so, please keep it to yourself.

Know Some Reasons behind the Reputation of a Quadcopter


Are you aware something about Quadcopter? That was the first query asked very my son when he was 5 simple. We are used to not concentrate on current faculty that revolutionized our entire world. We knew that just one identified, and it was a helicopter, but now there are so many gadgets which have produced it difficult for us to confirm these items. The identical is the case with a drone quadcopter reviews.

It’s a magic gadget has 4 arms, each arm having an engine and a propeller on the finish. They are considerably much like the helicopter, but the main distinction is the amount of the helix as the unique 4 and has a single afternoon. In this apparatus, two propellers rotating in a single course to rotate two completely different whereas in another course, which is answerable for the stable formation.
In addition, there are some vital advantages related to these digital devices.


This machine has several gadgets like a receiver, a body fee control computer, flight control, propellers and motors. This brief record of components reveals that it is very simple for this gadget but you first build superb technical abilities required for the connection of every factor of a suitable strategy.

The additional advantage is that if your unit is damaged or an error throughout flight, can be repaired simply. Therefore, in no way be worried as there are many online businesses that deal with Quadcopter repair. Every thing is important to do is to browse this web site and request for repair Quadcopter. Their fees are nominal and simply granted by one person.

If the system is lost or destroyed all half full, you then definitely only for that exact half, and should you should occur to need an alternate, it is vital for a similar request.


Subsequently, these devices are becoming increasingly popularity daily. Persons are additionally using this to aerial images, as some cameras have modes quadricopter they have. So it is simple to get a perfect aerial view with this gadget. These make nice equipment for occasions equivalent to weddings, birthdays, and many different movies.

The youthful technology makes use of Quadcopter for quite a lot of other capabilities, akin to throughout their technical coaching through small tasks which assist these units are made. These are also known by numerous different names such as tri helicopter hexacopters octocopters and names. This gadget is usually related to giant dimension and number of leaves as a way to improve efficiency to maintain for example, heavy masses.

Subsequently, to say that these digital devices is a superb artist for youngsters and young adults would be nice. These are additionally utilized in a wide range of areas comparable to defense, agricultural purposes most effectively in catastrophe administration challenge. So if by probability you also wish to purchase this machine, you possibly can motive please contact the web sites that these things really for customers at cheap price.

Pocket Knife Reviews- Tips & Tricks

Did not extend the time almost exactly where it was every child in the school best pocket knives. Not only that, they know how to care for one and how to use it responsibly. How times have changed! Today brings you will get to take the knife to school to prison!

However, many of the senior officials are looking to get their first pocketknife. They have discovered that the presence of a pocket knife usefulness tends only to make your life easier. But how do you decide on which one to get? It will be $ 10 for a knife like the knife very good 75 dollars?

Here are several suggestions to help you choose. First, decide what you need for a single. If the cut marks on the clothes, and open packages, cut nails or other small jobs, then a small knife with one or two leaves will work well for you.

However, if programmed to use the knife as part of their work, and say you’re a plumber or electrician, then you will want multiple pocket knife and a large sheet. Multiple tools can be fine, but can not take the place of a good pocket knife.

One of the most popular types of plant are clip, captivity and legs. Will knife with 3 of these papers deal with almost any function you will be able to throw at it. In the case of the paper that will be used to select the function, then I would suggest a way to buy a large knife. If this is the kind of knife you may need, will appear in what is referred to in the industry as the knife, “Stockman“. They come with 3 of these securities and extremely easy to use.

Value does not matter when choosing a blade. It is clear that you get what you spend for a knife inside. Many manufacturers have sold for classic foreign organizations and was an excellent day of high quality knives are now nothing more than cheap imports that use low-cost steel in the knife.

There is a special exception to this rule is if the knives. I chose them on each other, because they basically are still made in the United States, along with the quality of performance during long-term solution. These knives are razor sharp right out of the box and the box has one of the best warranties in the business.

They use surgical blades stainless steel. Not only that, but have the advantage of actually nice. Does not reproduce all stainless steel on an equal footing, so make sure that the knife as you choose has a great good quality steel. In the wake of these suggestions may help you discover how to choose your first pocket knife, and should end years! Check-out the Spyderco Delica 4 Review page for more details.

Is Husban The Ideal Quadcopter For Beginners?

I would not buy a new one with all the built-in camera or photography expert videos. Since gold DJI with Wi-Fi streaming video (I have no idea what you want to do it, in addition to saving money at the expense of total return), which also runs inside two.4 band, and they had to move more than one RC 5.8 GHz.

Briefly, a standard RC transmitter GHz two.four get a mile with safety even though the new radio DJI 5.eight GHz can be obtained a few hundred meters with line of sight.

So it is not surprising that the Parrot AR.Drone 2.0 goals on our list.

They are selling the best solution that we have had for some time, perhaps simply because they appeal to a new group of people who are not pilots RC Quadcopter necessarily traditional (if “traditional” can be used in a new sport like)! LED light straps for the rear Phantom 2 see the show with many of the ballot papers also warnings.

Groups Quadcopter with much more functions are available for a similar price now.

Quadcopter I built this with the idea of ??being able to air HD videos will cover in this post code. This means that I should be able to sit in the property, see supplied to me by the camera at the screen and directing quadcopter helicopter from there.

So let’s define the basic features of any quadcopter and see how they measure up. Search in ideal or multirotor quadcopter aerial video and personal freedom journey, along with the permanent study of the latest news and multirotor quadcopter.

And X4 H107L Hubsan is a good beginners QuadCopter effort, which was held in the palm of your hand! It really is unmanned, so yes it has a camera pointing forward and the camera at the bottom.

Today, revealed DJI Phantom Vision 2 +, which means not only the camera but also to stabilize the electronic integrated 3-axis deviation. Well, aside from becoming really exciting to fly a helicopter that can fly at speeds of 35 miles per hour beyond 900 feet (yes, nine hundred) Now, what is in fact equipped with a small camera really strong.

Flying also tends to be a social point; although some may perhaps exercise alone, and almost every bulletin RC are belong to social groups that meet and fly together. When you first turn on the camera will be in video mode.

Will be able to think about this video of “spying“, since I’m using the camera to select the quadcopter in the backyard of our neighbor to the back side.

The V959 is equipped with a camera to spy on the physical quad;

you happen to be in a position to adjust the angle of the camera. I’ve waited a long time to get this from Banggood Quadcopter so well here goes! Quadcopter is very beautiful light on a little shaken when the wind caught it, but in no time at all what I really feel the loss of management.

Why Use a Saltwater Spinning Reel over Fishing Rod?

In case you love to fish out on the open ocean, you comprehend the value of employing the very best saltwater spinning reels to bring inside your large catches. Whether you fish due to the fact you appreciate the general expertise, the sport of it, or the taste of the conquests, you want to know which reel is proper for you personally. Study on to discover far more about a few of the greatest spinning reels offered today. Find-out the best spincast reel for catfish models below.

One kind of reel you are no doubt acquainted with is Penn. They’re well-known for creating many high quality reels. The Slammer is really a nice instance of a tough and adaptable spinning reel. You can get years of life out of it, and also you can use it when you need to do a little freshwater fishing too.

US Reel is another maker of new spinning reels that you’re almost certainly familiar with. In case you like to saltwater fish then you could fall in really like with all the Supercaster. It is created to accomplish just what it sounds like – let you cast added far, which can be precisely what you would like once you are out around the open ocean. It does this by providing an ultra wide reel. The wide spool will also assist you to to haul in your catch a lot more rapidly as each and every turn with get you 29 inches of line back on the boat.

Fin-Nor is yet another name you’ll be able to trust with regards to the best saltwater spinning reels, and the 4 reels inside the Megalite series are no distinct. What’s the secret to the lightweight but tough reels? The reels are constructed from machined aluminum. In the spool to the deal with, you get each high quality and comfort.

Ultimately, let’s appear at Okuma. You get what you pay for in the Epixor. Created from hard but lightweight graphite, this really is one of many best spinning reels around, providing ease of use and durability. The cast is smooth, and it is due to an excellent use of bearings and washers in order to prevent drag whenever you are bringing within your catch.

So the subsequent time you happen to be looking at new spinning reels, you’ve several locations to begin. Just remember that when you need to catch the large one particular, you cannot skimp in your reel. It makes each of the difference in between a accurate fisherman and just some guy who likes to drink beer on a boat. For more information read the best spinning reel for saltwater and freshwater.

Best Way To Recharge Your Relationship

Now you might ask why we would like to write an article about the development of better relations . The reason is because I believe that those who are in a relationship will be significantly and directly affected in all areas of your life by how that relationship is going , and how that relationship healthy.


Research has shown that those who are happy at home are more productive and less stressful at work. Can develop a better relationship with your partner will help you develop a better life and a better job ! Here are some ideas to chew on for the development of strong and healthy relationship with your partner .

Play – Communication is the key to a lasting relationship and listening is the key to communication. Often , when we are quiet we are not listening , but waiting to speak . Instead of listening to what your partner is saying , and carefully to try to understand , in many cases, we are making mental notes as we like to say in response. This is particularly true for us this guy . We often try to find a weak point in the argument partner , instead of listening to the words in fact they say and how they say it. Why not take some time this week in an attempt to absorb and understand the words and feelings of your partner?

Schedule a regular time to go out or spend some time together – With today’s busy lifestyle , it is very easy to put our relationship on the back burner and taken for granted. While we may have every intention of spend regular time with our partner , we often find ourselves led the schedule for us , respectively, in all directions, and that leaves little time for the most important relationships we have. Work gets in the way. Children on the road. We have hobbies along the way. We have to realize the importance of the value of the relationship with our partner and its impact on our lives total. So we have to make spending time with family our top priority when scheduling a specific time , at least every week to get alone together , talking and simply renew our relationship. Be sure to set aside some time each week to rediscover each other and enjoy your time together . Pencil in your schedule , and do not give up there . In fact , it’s probably best if you and your partner sit down and decide what will work every night in the week, and then put it in your daytimer . If someone asks you if they are available at the time, and tell them you already have an appointment. In the long run , the time you spend with your partner will help you to be more successful than you may recall ever .

Consider the interests of its more important than your own partner – When everyone has decided to give himself another , are forming a relationship of mutual love and concern , and dedication. When you come to the place where we disagree , or where you have two different points of view , in an attempt to reach a point where you can consider what your partner likes the most important thing I like to do . Simple decision to do so goes a long way toward developing a healthy relationship !

Learn the language of love from your partner –  A lot of talk lately of the languages ​​of love. What is this , is that every individual has some ways to receive love from others . Some people love to have the time spent with them . Other , and gifts , interested,  small or large . And others respond better to the personal touch . And other verbal emphasis appreciate . We have a tendency to show love in a way that we would like to receive love , but what is going to update our relationship is the quickest way to find out what your partner likes to receive data from our love . For the next time you have the opportunity to talk with your partner , and ask them any of the above methods you want to get more of a demonstration of your love. Then make a conscious effort to start showing your love for them in this way .

Do the little things I did when I first fell in love with your partner – I remember when I was first in love? Remember the little things that did not show your love for your partner? But with the passage of time together , and may have begun to be downloaded simply living life and forgot about the little things that make a difference in the beginning. Things like a phone call in the middle of the day just to talk or say ” I love you” , the memorandum appreciate , flowers , gifts , and open doors . Reload relationship consciously go and do the little things you do when your first love began to grow.

Sorry – I’ve done a lot of work with couples and there are problems , and one of the most common elements to find that work against the development of the relationship between them is that you are holding something against the other and unwilling to forgive . The fact that your partner is going to fail sometimes . We have to understand that. What we do when we get to this point , however, is what will make all the difference in the world. In a relationship that will continue , the persons concerned are committed to forgiving each other. Relations, those that last longer , and be the healthiest are the ones who are committed to forgiveness.

I hope these ideas are useful to you in your love relationship Shipping . I really think that if we want to implement these principles, we will see our relationship grow in ways you did not before, and this in turn will make our lives better .