Little Introductory Q and A. I would call them “Frequently Asked Questions,”

Herewith, a little introductory Q and A. I would call them “frequently asked questions,” but, truthfully, no one has asked them that I know of. So, I will call them “frequently anticipated questions,” since I suppose they might be asked by someone in the future.

Q. What’s with the name of the blog?

A. “Flank two position” is a reference to an early season 5 episode of 24, wherein the intrepid Jack Bauer kept telling his buddies at CTU (the “Counter-Terrorist Unit”), over and over again, that he was in a “flank two position,” meaning that he was transmitting to them under duress (at gunpoint in this case; isn’t that always the way?).

Unfortunately, no one at CTU picked up on the reference, and it took ahobbit to finally figure it out at the very last minute before all hell broke loose. So of course it made perfect sense to use “flank two position” for my blog.

Q. OK, but what does it have to do with your blog?

A. Nothing really. I just thought it sounded good.

Q. I wanted to use “” for a site of my own, and it would have been a lot cooler than yours, possibly including generous helpings of free pornography.

Now you have it, and you’re wasting it on things like observations about weather, your three-year old and other random junk no one but you cares about. That’s just not fair.

A. Sorry dude.

Q. Why did you leave Pith in the Wind? Also, do you write for the Nashville Sceneanymore?

A. Basically, I just got tired of writing about politics all of the time and I had sort of pigeonholed myself as a “political blogger” on PITW. I wanted to write about other things but doing so seemed out of place. As for the Scene generally, I haven’t written in a while and may not again.

It all depends on if I have something to say. They are great people though and I very much appreciate the opportunity they (especially the great Liz G.) gave me.

Q. Do you have any idea what you’re doing with this site?

A. Sort of. I’ve been spoiled by the Scene folks. There, I just logged in and posted. Here I have to run everything on my own and I’m just sort of making it up as I go along.

For instance, you’ll note that I don’t have a “blogroll,” for the simple reason that I don’t know how to make one. I do want to publicly thank Bill Hobbs, who took pity on me and took time out of his busy schedule to show me how to start this thing up. I also want to thank Blake Wylie for giving me a swift kick in the pants to get the domain name before someone else did.

Q. What are some of your favorite blogs?

A. Too numerous to mention (and, see the “blogroll” discussion above). Follow my posts and you’ll pick it up.

Q. What do you do for a living?

A. Lawyer by trade, presently practicing in the always exciting and dynamic field of employee benefits. OK, I’m reaching here with the “exciting” and “dynamic.” But it is a “field,” that much is certain.

Q. What are your politics?

A. For a very long time I considered myself to be a political conservative and still do. Others lately have begged to differ, however, considering me to be one of those naughty “moderates” we’re always hearing about.

I suspect that this is because I put a lesser value on some of the conservative hot button issues of the present, such as homosexual equality, Terri Schiavo and other usually religiously tinged issues while placing a higher value on other issues like limiting the size of government and a competent foreign policy, issues that lately don’t seem to be very interesting to the conservatives in power and the grassroots conservatives who support them. I predict that will change soon enough, but until then here I am, “moderating” away.

Q. What’s your religious affiliation?

A. United Methodist. I attend church here. Dr. Howard Olds is the Senior Pastor and his sermons are the first sermons ever in my life that I have actually looked forward to sitting down and listening to. The man is good.

Q. Who is the hottest Desperate Housewife?

A. OK, this is random, I realize. But I ran across a dippy little internet poll asking this question, and just for grins I played along with my personal choice: Bree Van De Camp. So I click through to read the results and discover that Bree is barely making a showing. Everyone’s all about Susan, Edie and Gabrielle. Even Felicity Whassername, the one who’s married to that guy from Fargo, was doing pretty well, better than Bree anyway.

And here I am voting for Bree, one of, apparently, only four or five men in America, two of whom, namely her husband and that pharmacist fellow, happen to be dead.

Now, maybe that was just a strange poll, but it occurred to me that my apparently off-the-wall choice may reveal a lot about me, though just what I don’t know. So I thought I’d share it.

Maybe someone out there will have some kind of insight into my psyche. If so, please keep it to yourself.

What is OBD2 and what you can do in a automobile?

The OBD2 system constantly builds technologies and new interfaces. Such new binding interfaces, which started in 2008 in america, are the interface CAN (Controlled Area System). This system can be utilized to talk to various distinct modules getting a network via the OBD user interface are connected. These talk to the PCM (powertrain deal with module) feeding continuous particular data. The PCM then commands are in accordance with the information retrieved from these modules for particular tasks performed information and in what order and price of recurrence (recognized as output).

OBD2 is-board diagnostic (Zero.2 Verification), meaning the vehicle comes with an operating-program up to speed self-diagnosis, in a position to assistance themselves and quite first identifying difficulties. This error detection can 1st as a dispute show up when the MIL (malfunction illumination light) “Check out Engine” or “Services Engine not realize quickly light inside the upkeep.

The driver, that indicator can save costly repairs in the future if the immediate unattended, can you just conclude that this is definitely really an edge. application OBD and packaging method in decreasing air pollution and things by a necessity designed them have progressed from there. it had been challenging with tougher federal government guidelines, just with traditional mechanised adjustments to carry, so the electronic modules began within the gasoline combination and ignition designed and implemented, along with other minor elements for best obd2 scanner.

What tends to make a “MIL”, “Verify Engine” or “Service Engine Quickly it imply?

All this implies a equivalent thing. These indications warn a drivers to inform you that one thing is not operating effectively in the motor technique or automobile emissions. This warning ought to not be taken and must be examined accordingly before continuing lightly. The only exemption will be if this warning is usually intermittent. One must recognize that.

A way, additional components such endangering the catalyst when the mistake is left unattended for too a lot time Take the routine of all these instrumentation of reading via every single time teachings proceed, as they can early detection publish, especially coolant temperature. If the check out motor appears via the 1st it should be swift this counter. When a single of these meters is not a “regular” reading does not give then some thing serious could be in the offing. Cease instantly a should.

What has occurred, it can mean and what are their roles?

Could indicates Controller Area Network. This was launched in the 90s in automobile production and has evolved as strongly. The mix of the CAN method employing the OBD user interface comes in the method contain numerous security functions both extra luxury observed.

The CAN is topic to numerous modules (nodes) is performed separately for every single program, which can be combined to operate modules collectively. CAN-communication network is absolutely shared by way of a serial data bus. The functionality of the CAN technique has pushed the envelope limits that were in no way dreamed of in the automotive technology of just before.

Confirm motor lamps you to begin my automobile every time. Is this an indicator of failure?

This is in fact purposely created for just two causes, there is no error when it shuts down soon soon after (1-three seconds maximum, based on the car). The initial purpose is to demonstrate how the OBD software is alive and running (not damaged) and also serves as a filament (incandescent light bulb) as nicely as the verify circuit ‘mil’. Some automobiles may actually a blown bulb or circuit ‘mil’ is damaged, or in the worst circumstance, the OBD conversation stopped (Engine will most likely not really work, based on the disorder).

If the “Verify Motor” lights up even though traveling goes, which are the procedures?

There are two types of errors within this indicator warning light system. The most extreme factor is the continual lighting that preventive security measures have to be applied instantly. This implies inertia as soon as achievable to the motor also to cease quickly. Ahead of doing this, this is a good measure to see if the indicators Instrumentation reads away from variety screen both cooling and oil pressure when set up with yet another caution collectively for obd2 scanner reviews.

This offers a clearer notion of ??the absence of a a lot more detailed analysis, if the fault is diagnosed later on. Never attempt to drive with this particular sort of signal of continued failing. The second situation is when the caution light flashes. That is significantly much less severe and can be driven for quick distances, be completed to repair. Nonetheless, the prolongation of this circumstance more harm or other lead to, which in turn may well be a continuous illumination. This is a smart option to check the automobile although as attainable shortly.

Is that light, if ignored and continue driving?

This is about optimistic mindset that hurts regrettably a lot a lot more than very good. Below typical circumstances, a failure can be an error generally, and will remain a. There are a handful of uncommon occasions that actually go out effortlessly (only when the intermittent process), but this means that the error has been cleaned by the creating cycle.

If the error (harm) is actual and nonetheless it can in the end resurface. uncommon circumstances occur when the management program is modified accordingly by the complete drive period – but that is the exception to the rule rather than a typical process. Generally, oBD2 compliant noticed by way of a diagnostic scanning device continually, which marks the error controlled vehicle.

A readers can’t be useful in these complete scenarios, if the traveling cycle, the dilemma is solved, simply because most readers are not in a position to recover deleted fifty percent error.

5 Things You Can Do With a Rotary Tool Kit

A rotary tool kit reviews is useful for detailing and home repairs whole. Dremel rotary tools are particularly useful for detailed work ornaments and furniture. These details can charm and personal feelings of warmth and welcome book at home. It is also useful for sculptors and artists, the Toolbox is a tool that importance for the versatile work detail.


A tool kit is ideal for polishing. This allows you to hand-made and store-bought soften the irregular surfaces of both objects. Have you ever been a small sculpture, a shelf or picture frames for sale due to a little rough edge seen? With the Dremel 300, you can purchase an item as in discount and the rough edges and small notches polish. This is also useful to combat the effects of daily wear of objects such as table corners.


If you are interested to change in the production or their own furniture, crown molding or other characteristics of home design can help rotary tool kit carving. This is especially useful for anyone with an artistic eye. With the size of attachments you can embellish with wooden furniture tenderness or crafts.


Dremel are turning tools excellent precision for cutting. If you are looking to install a ceiling fan or hanging lamp, the Dremel 300 can help to reduce the right size the hole. If the cut is important for customer-specific projects, draw a rotary tool into consideration.


If you are focused on a big art project or home improvement, switching tools can be annoying. With a rotary tool kit, you can simply add an attachment to the bit in the tool. This is ideal for adding shelves, boxes or lamps for the home or for the assembly and repair of furniture.


If you are interested in profiling and have their projects add a personal touch, the rotary tool kit can help you with routing. The Dremel 300 provides a smooth, clean lines.

The Dremel 300 can also help to increase the efficiency. From the toolbox treats multiple jobs, it is only necessary to change parts and accessories. In this way you can concentrate on your project in question to find several tools Tracking taken long pauses. Consider a tool time and space saving or top scroll saw.

Top Activity Kids Table Reviews

Newborns are entertained by the world around them and of course very happy lie and look on a mobile crib, stuffed animal or other object for some time. But when they reach about three months of age, babies begin to try to move and explore, and this is a good time to introduce toys give them a sense of freedom activities before they are able to walk.

There are many types of activity toys for babies of different ages, the most popular leisure centers and mats, baby gorilla, seesaws and swings and walkers. Always check if the toy is suitable for the development of the child’s age. Activity toys usually come with the recommended ages, but should also pay attention to how your baby needs to rest her head to keep unassisted.

For toddlers activity mats are great. Babies like that has run into this and play with textures and toys on the carpet. They are also good for the “upside down”, which helps strengthen your baby around the neck, so you can rest your head on your own. Mats come in all different types of simple to fancy styles with toys hanging over them woven mats.

Rebound chairs are also good for babies from birth and find very reassuring movement. baby swings are similar, but usually more expensive and batteries. Some chairs have vibrates an additional feature that can be good if your baby will not sleep.

Three to four months, you can start a gorilla door used for babies great fun and helps them develop their leg muscles in order to prepare for walking. These gorillas are cheap and can be used on each door of the proper width.
Walkers also at this time and can are fun for your baby to use, so as to be movable before it can go. They come in many styles, so you can buy a baby pink cute Walker for your baby or blue for a baby. Baby walker can be a good alternative to using a baby gorilla, but remember, always supervise your baby carefully when talking to.